If you are new to the world of blackjack use the chart below for your play.

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Slot Tournaments! Tournaments are always a fun way to spend your time, thanks to the fact that competing against other players will help you have more excitement. Some players think that playing at a tournament is a lot better, since you will know right from the start the potential losses. In order to join a slot tournament you will have to pay an entry fee, this way once a participant knows exactly how much is that entry fee, they will be able to know exactly the amount of money that they will lose, in case they are not successful at winning the slot tournaments.

During the last couple of years the slot tournaments started to be more and more popular thanks to the fact that they do not require any special skills in order to play them, or even to win. This way almost any player is tempted to start playing at an online slot tournament.

The slot tournaments are simple, after you will register at an online slot tournament, you will be assigned, a certain amount of coins, along with a slot machine. One of the most popular slot machine tournament format encountered is to give each and every player that takes part of the online slots tournaments 1,000 credits and 20 minutes to use them. Once the time is up the machine will be locked, and you will no longer be allowed to play even if you still have credits left.

All the players are playing at the maximum bet amount, that is usually 3 coins. Every time you win during an online slots competition, your earnings will be shown on a separate meter, this way you will no longer be allowed to continue playing with those credits, once you’ve finished your online casino slot tournaments credits. In order to tell who won the slot machine tournament, you will have to wait next to your machine for the official to come and record your current score, this thing is done instantly the moment you will play at an online casino.

Some slot machine tournaments in Las Vegas, have more than one round, so this way there will be big list, showing the current leaders, after each round. This way you will be able to see what is your current position compared to other players.

So, if you’ve ever wondered what is a slot tournament, you will know exactly from now on what it is and how to play it. There are currently many online casinos that are offering slot tournaments, so you will be able to experience the excitement from the comfort of your house.

How to win a slot tournament?

In case you are searching for a perfect strategy to use in order to win at an online or offline slots tournaments, you must know that there isn’t any strategy at all, that will assure your a winning position, since slot machines are a game of pure luck. The reels at a slot machine are spinning randomly, so this way the number of combinations that can appear is very high.

Here is a list with useful tips that you could use in an online slot tournament:

  • Play the maximum amount of coins, and as fast as possible, this way you will be able to increase your chances of winning, it’s better to end the game by finishing your credits, than to finish the game by the end of time.
  • Select a slot machine that has a higher payout, some slot machine have this type of information available on the screen, or you could help the staff of the online casino what is the payout of a certain slot machine.

Freeroll slot tournaments are those online of offline slot tournaments, where there is a good cash prize and there is absolutely no entry fee. This is a promotions made by the casino in order to attract many players.

The best thing about freeroll slot tournaments is that they are free, and you will have the opportunity to win a decent cash prize. So these are considered to be free slot tournaments.

There are many casinos from Las Vegas, that are offering slot tournaments: Mirage slot tournaments, Harrahs slot tournaments, MGM slot tournament, Imperial Palace tournaments, plus many others.

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Four Basic Steps To Improving Your Blackjack Game

All of your decisions in these four basic steps are based on the value of the dealer’s up card.

  1. If the dealer’s up card is 7 or higher, continue to draw cards until you have a hard count of at least 17 or higher, or a soft count of 18 or higher. (A “soft” hand is one that has an Ace that is counted as 11. A hand that either contains no Aces or the Ace is counted as a 1 is called a “hard” hand.

  2. If the dealer’s up card is 6 or lower, draw cards until you have at least 12. Stop when you have 12 or higher.

  3. Double down when your first two cards total 10 or 11, If the dealer has a 9 or lower. To double down simply means you can double your original bet after you receive your first two cards. If you decide to double down you will then receive only one more card.

  4. Always split aces and eights. Do not split any other pairs. To split a pair simply means that when you receive any pair on your first two cards, you can split them into two separate hands. You can then play each hand as individual hands.

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