Casino Bonus Whoring

Many think casino bonuses are just for -EV gambling fools and that casino games can never be +EV. Despite the common perception, certain casino bonuses do  shift the punter into +EV territory although not risk free.

For any casino game the house  always has an edge but  games such as blackjack the advantage is very small, usually around 0.5%. Many online casino offer new sign ups $50, $100 or $200 which  you can use to overcome the house advantage and make money playing blackjack. In fact, if follow a strict strategy you’re virtually guaranteed to make money, although there is not guarantee.

Online casinos are  happy to hand out welcome bonuses to new players every day, because they know that most people are true gamblers, and aren’t disciplined enough like you are to seek out the best bonuses and to play in the necessary fashion to maximize the value of the bonus. So for every smart player who takes the bonus and runs, they get many other who lose, netting them a  overall profit.

Bonuses aren’t created equal so you have to be careful when just starting out. The #1 rule in casino bonuses is to always check the terms and conditions, before you make a deposit as they often change. While I’ll detail the best strategy, at the current time, for getting started you should always double-check to make sure this information is accurate, as the terms and conditions change often.

You should also start with casinos that offer non-sticky bonuses. Non-sticky bonuses are ones that, once you wager enough overall money, you can cash out with no restrictions. Sticky bonuses are ones that you cannot cash out, regardless of whether you’ve won or lost, and are deducted from your overall total when you cash out. But for this guide we’re just sticking to non-sticky bonuses, so don’t worry about sticky bonus stuff for the moment.

How much do you need to get started? This guide is written with the assumption that you’ll only invest $100 to start and use that as the basis of your casino bonus empire. That said, you can start with more, and there are some advantages to that, if you understand the potential risk. The rest of this guide will proceed under the assumption that you’re starting with a $100 bankroll.

OK you’ve got £75 and you’re ready to get started.  Signup at Virgin Games and deposit £75. When you deposit £75 as a new player, you’ll immediately get £75 in bonus money to gamble with. So youÂ’ll have £150 to play with when you sit down at the blackjack table. Yes, the blackjack table. Don’t play anything else. Go to this link and print out the basic blackjack strategy card. Follow it religiously for all the blackjack you’ll play.

Blackjack Chart

In order to cash out, you’ll have to wager a certain amount in total bets. This can be between 8 times and 30 times your deposit + bonus. Since you deposited £75 and got a £75  bonus, you have to make $3,000 in total bets before you can cash out any of your money (20 times). Read that again. You have to meet the WR before you can cash out any of your money, whether you’re ahead or behind. You can’t lose a little and bail out with your £75 deposit until you’ve wagered the required WR.

Bet the minimum bet, $1 a hand. Do that over and over and over until you’ve wagered $3000. Then cash out. That’s it. That’s all there is to it. If you hit a bad stretch, do not start increasing your bets, trying to make it up. This is where the discipline part comes in. Keep betting the minimum, if you truly want the bonuses to be profitable.

Boring, yes, possibly. But also profitable. Because of the bonus they give you, the odds are on your side. Keep in mind that yes, indeed, there’s a chance that you will completely bust out, losing the entire $200 making $1 bets. Just as there’s a small chance that you’ll cash out with $600.

Remember, the house advantage is usually only around 0.5%, so the most likely scenario, based on the math, is that you’ll have somewhere around £115 when you clear the WR of £3000. That’s a nice little likely profit for clicking buttons for a few hours.

Virgin Casino

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